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VPC SharKa-50 Collective Grip

100% of 100

All New Collective Grip
Material - Enhanced PU Plastic Construction
10% Discount When Purchased with VPC Collective Base (applied at checkout)


>> VPC SharKa-50 Collective Grip User Manual

VPC SharKa-50 Collective Grip

The VPC SharKa-50 Collective Grip is our first entry to our brand new collective controller lineup. This grip is inspired by the collective controls found on the venerable Ka-50 “Black Shark” helicopter. With this we aim to put the feel of a real collective grip in your hands! Featuring a metal handle with rubberised grip, you can immediately feel this grip means business!

The VPC SharKa-50 Collective Grip includes the following inputs:

 2 x 8-way Hats (+ Push)
 1 x 2-way Switch (+ Push)
 3 x 3-way Toggles (ON-OFF-ON)
 3 x Push Buttons

The VPC SharKa-50 Collective Grip is compatible with the following bases:

VPC Rotor TCS Collective Base
VPC Rotor TCS Plus Collective Base
VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Base
 VPC WarBRD Base

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